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The Dos and Dont’s of Hardwood Floor Cleaning

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It’s no secret that your hardwood floors have to be cleaned. After all, they take a pretty tough beating on a regular basis. Foot traffic, spills, children’s toys, pets; they go through a lot. If you want to maintain the look of your wood flooring, (not to mention keep your home spic-and-span), cleaning is a must.

However, a lot of people aren’t aware that there are certain things they should and shouldn’t be doing to clean their hardwoods. Don’t risk damaging your hardwoods! Before you pull out a mop and a bucket of water and start scrubbing, keep on reading to find out the dos and don’ts of cleaning for hardwood floors.

Do Vacuum, But Don’t Use a Beater Bar

You can vacuum hardwood floors, but just make sure that the beater bar is turned off!

A beater bar is that little mechanism underneath a vacuum cleaner that is designed to pull up and fluff carpet and rug fibers. On wood flooring, a beater bar can do serious damage. The coarse bristle rev at high speeds and thrash against the surface of the floor, which can wear away the finish and scratch the surface.

If you are going to vacuum your hardwoods, make sure you turn off the beater bar first. Also, consider the wheels on the vacuum; hard plastic wheels can scratch wood. Soft plastic wheels are a better option.

Do Mop, But  Don’t Wet Mop

Mopping your hardwood floors is a great way to clean up sticky spills, mud, and anything else that may be stuck on their surface; however, don’t wet mop it. A dripping wet mop can damage hardwood, as well as the subfloor.

Instead of wet mopping, damp mop your floors. Make sure that all excess water is wrung out before you mop. In fact, instead of using a mop with strings or pads, a better option is to use one that has a microfiber cloth. Instead of dipping the mop in a bucket of water, spray the cloth with a cleanser that’s specifically made for hardwood floors.

Do Sweep, but Don’t Use a Hard-Bristled Broom

You’ll want to sweep your wood flooring to remove surface dirt; however, the type of broom you use is important. Hard-bristled brooms, like the one you would use to clean a tile or concrete, isn’t a good idea for hardwood. Those hard bristles can scratch the floor, which in turn, will require refinishing more often.

To avoid damaging the wood, use a soft-bristled broom. Choose one that has an angle so that you can easily get into corners without damaging the edges of the floor.

Do Clean Up Spills; Don’t Ignore Them

Hardwood floors are much more stain-resistant than carpets, so it’s easy to put off cleaning up minor spills. However, leaving that small puddle of juice or splatter of sauce on the floor isn’t a good idea. Standing liquids and wood flooring don’t mix. The longer you leave a wet spill on the floor, the more likely your floor will be damaged. Even spills that aren’t of the liquid variety should be cleaned up quickly. Sticky substances, such as a small splatter of jelly, will attract dirt and debris, making it more noticeable. Plus, stepping in a sticky mess isn’t exactly fun.

Do Let Pets Walk On their Floors, but Don’t Leave their Nails Long

Hardwood is much more conducive to pets than carpets. It’s extremely durable, there’s no need to worry about dander getting trapped in fibers, and it’s much more stain-resistant. However, if you have pets, do make sure that keep their nails trimmed.

Dog and cat nails can scratch the surface of your hardwoods and wear away the finishing. To avoid damage, trim your four-legged family member’s nails regularly.

Wood flooring is easy to maintain, which is one of the reasons why you love them so much. However, if you want to ensure they retain their beauty for years to come, make sure you take care when it comes to cleaning them. Keep the above-mentioned do’s and don’ts in mind and your home will consistently look like fresh floor refinishing is a part of your normal upkeep.

If you need assistance with your hardwoods, such as refinishing, contact the experts at KO Floors. They’ll make sure your hardwoods always look as good as new.